After conducting extensive research (including being a distributor for many competing products), we choose the Centricut Edge and Voyager controllers exclusively as our one stop solution for optimized automation.

User Interface

  • 8 programmable soft keys simplify front panel design and put most commonly used functions only a key stroke away.
  • 40 preprogrammed shapes from which more than 200 different shapes can be programmed at the cutting station.
  • Preview mode allows for review of scaled version of the cut part as the program data is entered.
  • On-line help screens for quick access to documentation.
  • 10.4" VGA Color LCD Display.
  • Windows based Software programmed in C++.
  • Speed & Accuracy

Speed and Accuracy

The EDGE has both a digital position and velocity loop. This special feature allows for smooth motion through the entire velocity range. In addition, our special data buffer and interrupt structure allows all motion control algorithms to be generated in the Pentium processor. This allows for the display of realtime motion and I/O data.


The EDGE offers a serial port which is rated to operate at 115Kbaud. The system supports industry standard ESSI(ISO6582) and EIA(RS-274D) part programs.

Centricut also provides a software package which allows the EDGE to be networked to your MIS system.

Data Management

Not only do you have total flexibility toorganize file structures, but there are no limits to the number of program names or work file folders that can be stored. The EDGE also has a real-time preview mode which allows you to see a graphical representation of your file.

Hardware Specifications

You can download a free demo of our EDGE controller here! The demo will run on any

machine meeting the following minimum system requirements:

Installation Instructions: Once you have downloaded the EDGEDemo.exe file, locate it on your hard drive and double-click it. After the installer has been extracted, you will need to go to the EDGEDemo directory on your hard drive and double-click the icon labeled Setup.bat. After the installation finishes, you can delete EDGEDemo.exe and the EDGEDemo directory to save hard drive space. The demo will be installed in the C:\Phoenix directory.

NOTE: The Readme included in the demo archive contains additional installation information and directions for running the program. Please review this information carefully.

Additionally, one of the key combinations within the demo has changed. To exit from the Keyboard Test, you will need to type [-Escape, rather than Shift-Cancel as the program claims.

We hope you enjoy the demo!

If you would like to receive more information about the EDGE or VOYAGER controllers, all you need to do is send an Email to, and one of our technical supprot engineers will contact you to discuss your needs and answer all your questions.

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