All work and no play makes for a very dull and boring existence, and is definitely not conducive to obtaining maximum productivity.

At IES we take our recreational time seriously, and most of our staff are extreme sports enthusiasts. When we are not out conducting training, demonstrations, or testing in one of our MiniSub SSRV's you may find us Jetsking, airchairing, paragliding, or paramotoring. Recently we aquired a couple vessels into which we installed our own hydraulic payout winch. We can be on the river near Ridgefield, or Fort Nelson in less than 30 minutes from the shop. The winch is capable of towing a solo or tandem paraglider pilot to heights of around 4,000 feet. If you see a paraglider looping, tumbling, helicoptering, or SATing around the sky, it's probably one of our staff members.

If climbing is your bag, and you get down near Ridgefield, WA, we even have a 37 foot tall climbing wall located on the North end of the building. It is set up for Top Roping or lead practise. Qualified individuals are always welcome to come work out on it.


Here are some views of our staff, and friends enjoying a liesurly afternoon paragliding.

If you are a paraglider or paramotor pilot, please contact us via Email We would love to have you join us on our next adventure.

If you are interested in learning to paraglide, or want to enjoy the thrill without the effort by taking a tandem flight, you might want to contact us as well. We have paraglider instructors on our staff, and are hooked up with the best schools in the country

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