A sampling of our Minisub SSRV pictures

The MiniSub SSRV launches just like you would a regular boat. Simply back it into the water like a boat...

and float it off. To recover your Minisub you simply fly it onto the trailer, land it on the deck, and pull the trailer out of the water.( It helps if you have a friend to guide it back on) If you wish, you can hoist the sub into the water from a davit, crane, forklift, or helicopter as long as it is capable of lifting a 2000 pound load.

Front view of the MiniSub SSRV. Note the skids and replaceable shoe to prevent damage to the sub by scraping the bottom. Keen observers will note the transducer for measuring the distance the sub is above the bottom. (The forward looking transducer is mounted under the front tow eye, but you can't see it).

Rear view of the MiniSub SSRV. Note the opening which remains open at all times. You can enter and exit the Sub at will. The water level in the cockpit is normally regulated at a level between the height of the big "M" in the MiniSub SSRV logo. The aft luggage rack can be used to carry extra scuba tanks, or gear. We generally mount a speargun, fins and BC with tank / regulator / guages on this deck. If the hunting looks good, we can land on the bottom, put on a mask and swim outside the Sub. After donning our gear we are free to operate away from the sub, then return after we have captured our prey. (Naturalists would be free to do the same using a camera or reasearch gear).

The MiniSub SSRV is operating with just a little of the fore and aft ballast tanks flooded. It is maneuvering around the obstacle course during a recently held submarine race.

Here our operators show off their technique recovering an object from a confined area. Note the judges in scuba gear checking that no gates were crossed. (The winners of this years International Submarine Racing Association division 2 races were none other than Team Caruk Racing, sponsored by IES).

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