MiniSub Training Programs

Operating a MiniSub is a truly unique experience. It is challenging, rewarding, and definately a thrill that few people will ever experience. Once people experience their first MiniSub ride, they will want to come back for more.

You can benifit from this, and provide a needed service by selling training as a MiniSub Pilot. IES offers a complete training package enabling you to train potential prospects from an open water scuba diver, to a private or commercial MiniSub Pilot. Training costs are set by the operators at individual locations and include training materials, ground scholl instruction, and open water instruction in the MiniSub SSRV. As a supplement to a tour operation, a training facility allows you to diversify your operation, and increase your potential revenue.

MiniSub Rentals

Whether you have one MiniSub, or an entire fleet the key to profitability is increased utilization. The fixed costs associated with a MiniSub operation (Facilities, Insurance, Depreciation of your Investment, etc.) remain the same whether your MiniSub is used or not. The more revenue producing hours you operate your vessel, the lower these costs become on an hourly basis.

The simple explanation is to consider a hypothetical fixed annual cost of $6000. If your vessel was operated only 1 hour in that year, your cost to operate it would be the $6000 fixed cost, plus the hourly operating cost. If you increased your revenue producing utilization to 1000 hours, your operating cost would be $6 ($6000 divided by the 1000 dives) plus the hourly operating cost.

To increase your revenue producing hours, you may consider renting your MiniSub to customers who are qualified pilots, and can present the proper certification. If you choose, you can participate in a program that allows you to rent your Sub to individuals who have trained at locations other than yours, following a quick checkout at your location. You should also consider the income that can be gained by renting your MiniSub SSRV out for promotional events. A MiniSub draws attention wherever it goes, and it has proven to be a Great attention getter. Promotional appearances at local lakes, rivers, swimming pools, even shopping malls and car lots can earn you extra $$$$$$.

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