Getting the design from your blueprint or sketch should be an easy process

Producing parts with a shape cutting machine should be a very easy process. At IES we use Centricut Edge, and Voyager controllers exclusively, due to their exceptional performance and ease of use. While the standard shape library is adequate for many users, there will come a time when you need to program more complicated shapes, nest numerous parts automatically on a sheet of plate, or quickly and accurately determine your costs to burn out an assortment of parts.

At IES we have used many different computer aided design and drafting systems to generate part geometry, nest the parts on a sheet of plate, and generate the numerical code required by the cutting machine controller to provide motion and secondary operation commands. After conducting extensive research (including being a distributor for many competing products), we choose SigmaNEST exclusively as our one stop solution for optimized automation.

SigmaNEST® TrueShape CAD/CAM nesting software is a complete nesting and NC programming package for Laser, Plasma, Oxygas, Waterjet and Router profile cutters. A solid performer providing excellent reliability, the package is easy to learn and easy to use, offering effortless nesting and NC programming capability.

SigmaNEST® True Shape includes the popular SigmaNEST® nesting algorithm that has become a best seller in the US, Europe and Asia. Nesting parts-in-parts and interlocking parts together, the system is designed to save you money by allowing more parts to be produced from less material.

SigmaNEST is distinguished by the most sophisticated optimization mathematics in the industry, ensuring the best material utilization. SigmaNEST saves both programming time and material cost.

SigmaNEST offers:

To obtain a demonstration of SigmaNEST software, or receive further information, please respond via Email to In the subject enter SigmaNEST, and enter your specific needs and machine type in the body of your message. Our Technical support staff will contact you to schedule a one on one presentation and give you a demonstration copy of SigmaNEST to evaluate. You will get to see first-hand how SigmaNEST will increase your product quality and company profits.

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