Selling tours in your MiniSub SSRV Can Earn You BIG $$$$

A MiniSub attracts attention wherever it goes! Everyone wants to take a ride in one, in fact; they are willing to pay quite well for the oportunity to experience the underwater environment from the cockpit of your MiniSub.

There are several Tourist Submarines on the market today. With many of them costing well over $2 million, they are beyond the reach of all but the most well heeled entrepreneurs. A MiniSub SSRV on the other hand is very affordable, and can be purchased for less than the cost of many luxury cars.

Operators generally charge $75 - $100 per person per dive. Since the MiniSub SSRV is designed to carry a pilot and 2 passengers, this means that you can earn from $150 - $200 per dive. At a decent location, you should be able to sell 100 - 200 dives per month.

When you consider the costs of operating your own MiniSub SSRV, you must include both direct and indirect costs. Direct costs are cost incurred in the operation of the Sub itself, and are easily computed on an hourly basis. These would include:

In addition you must include the indirect costs. These are costs you would incurr whether your MiniSub was conducting dive operations, or remained at the dock. These include:

On the revenue side, you can include income from dive operations, and promotional events. Consider the income produced from operating only 100 dives per month. On an annual basis that would amount to 1200 dives. Assuming you charged only $75 per passenger, you would generate an income of $180,000.00 per year.

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